Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gemortgageuk intro

Gemma's world of opinions on mortgages. This day and age with the credit crunch going on its really important to find the right mortgage.
The rates on mortgages are changing! which means there will be roughly an increase of £40 each month no matter who your mortgage is with, you need to look for a company who will not be changing their rates any time soon.
Take Lloyds Banking, they have followed the lead of Santander and changed their interest only criteria which means that many more buyers will have to look at a repayment mortgage. 
As mentioned in february however this is not the end of the world and, especially because of the low rates still available, when a repayment mortgage is compared to the cost of renting in most cases it still works out the more attractive option.
I would not know what is the best company in the world to choose from, but i would like to have some guidance onpeople personal oponions.

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