Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mortgage Criteria

Home loan Credit Criteria

Each loan company should have their unique loaning requirements. The requirements are the guidelines the home loan underwriters will follow when they assess a mortgage software. The loaning requirements for each loan company will probably be really precise.

We have now printed many of the readily available info by many of the well-known loan officers.

We have now not really verified this data while using the loan companies. Request the dealer to ensure just about any features which can be important to anyone.

The loaning requirements detailed is designed for home house expenses. Distinct requirements will probably apply if the home shall be make it possible for or even occupied by anyone other than the actual buyer

Creditors will probably edit their particular loaning requirements regularly. Please contact the mortgage broker to talk about just about any factor that may be important to anyone.

To ascertain the eligibility for any unique home loan, please cellular phone 08456 55 76 23 in addition to talk to a mortgage dealer. We have now connection with handling many loan companies in addition to their unique prerequisites.

Bear in mind, all of us will not charge a fee just about any expenses.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

mortgage!!! wish me luck

Hi all I have just came into some money recently and I would like to purchase my first house with a mortgage. I have tried quotes from my current bank providers, good news I was accepted but have quite found the right mortgage quote that suites me yet, the mortgage that I have chosen to go for is a fixed deal, that way I know exactly how much I will be paying over the next 25 years. I know there is a very good chance that the mortgage rates may go down but I cannot take a risk as I have a set budget to spend on the mortgage each month.

Mortgage rates vary and the key point with fixed rates is that no matter what the market does i will pay a flat rate all the way threw.

Monday, 1 October 2012


Price Drop Alert!

This month there is a massive price drop in house prices due to the hard year our economy has had, so now would be the time to shop around for good mortgage deals.

There are plenty of mortgage companies out there that offer a fixed rate on a mortgage at the moment so there wouldn't be a better time to shop around. Low prices, Low mortgage!

Have you ever considered transferring your mortgage with a new company, like I just said, new rates, fixed rates ...shop around and use comparison websites.

Many bank branches out there at the minute are offering good deals, these are the companies, that are currently holding a fixed rate contract;

mortgage recap

Hi people this is just a recap about mortgages, mortgages are the most common way to get first time buyers onto the property ladder. It can be very difficult now days to get a mortgage as lots of mortgage providers in the past has interest prices to high and customers couldn't afford there mortgages, but now they should be easier to sustain as they are only given to clients who can actually afford to have a mortgage. Five of the major mortgages providers are:
This is not the full list of all the mortgage brokers and there may be some better mortgage providers. The best thing you can do is visit all the local banks or use some of the comparison sites on the internet.

Monday, 6 August 2012


Hello all,
Now is a fantastic time to get a mortgage and buy a property if you can get a mortgage, this is because house prices are still cheap but you can afford a mortgage if you rent it out and use the money gained to pay it off. if you can get £250,000 mortgage then you will be laughing and you will get all the money back in rent in 10/15 years time.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

final destination

Hello everone I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to all the support we have been getting and all the facts we have gathered to make this blog about mortgages.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

pre ending

Now you have that major choice to make 
Do you get a fixed rate mortgage or a tracker mortgage?
how do you make such a difficult choice you may ask yourselves?..
Due to the resent news that the Base rate rates may stay stagnant for a longer than expected Nationwide has reduced its 3 year fixed rates.
In the last 3 years we have seen mortgage variable rates reduce to less than 4%, and with most Tracker deals having expensive fees plus fixed rates being fixed at more than 5% most Mortgageadvisers have been suggesting clients stay with their current variable deals.